Misplacing or losing your keys can mean a lot of difficulty for various reasons; aside the security risk it poses to your property, it can also lead to added costs as you may need to have your locks changed or have a replacement key made.

An extra key always come handy as you never can tell when you would need a spare key, especially, when you just moved into a new house. A duplicate key allows you to avoid getting locked out of the house, and more significantly, it is an important part of moving into a new property; making sure that old keys out there from previous house occupants can’t be used to gain entry into your house without your knowledge.


  • Importance Of Key Duplication In Case Of Emergency


Although you should not give everyone in your life a key to your home, however, you should make sure there is at least someone that you can trust. There are several reasons you should duplicate keys

  • In case you are out of town and something goes wrong.
  • In case you get locked out.
  • In case there needs to be a welfare check on you.

Having a duplicate key in the care of someone means you don’t have to be locked out again. Also, there won’t be a need to have your locks changed which can be very costly.

Other reasons you should change and duplicate your set of keys include:

  • Security

Not changing your house keys after moving in can mean a costly mistake as a number of burglary cases happen on a daily basis. This usually happens in a situation when an older key or a copy was used to gain entry.

Giving your locks a fresh start with your new home means you have a complete control over who has the keys. This may be a requirement from your insurance provider before you are given full coverage of your house and belongings.

  • Convenience

Duplicating keys for your house prevents you from getting locked out, and also provides you with peace of mind for times you are out of town, and you have someone house-sighting for you. For people who like keeping a spare key in their mailbox or on the lawn under a rock, it is advised you rotate where you keep them.

There are some people that prefer to unify their locks to one specific key so as to remove any confusion whatsoever, by not having too many keys on a key ring. This is also useful for owners of rental property, co-owners of a single property that requires a master key to access multiple locks within the same building.

It is imperative that before leaving the house, ensure you have the essentials; your phone, wallet and your keys. If you are prone to misplacing your keys, you may want to get a  key locator or have a duplicate made.