Moving from Washington DC to New York City can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and preparation, it can be a smooth and stress-free experience. Here are 15 points to check before your move from DC to NYC:

  1. Research your new neighborhood, including schools, public transportation, grocery stores, and other amenities.
  2. Determine your moving budget, taking into account the cost of hiring a moving company, packing supplies, and any other associated expenses.
  3. Choose a reputable moving company with experience in long-distance moves and positive customer reviews.
  4. Schedule your move date in advance to ensure availability.
  5. Notify your utility companies and service providers in DC to disconnect services at your current residence and connect services at your new home.
  6. Notify your landlord or property manager and follow any necessary steps to terminate your lease or rental agreement.
  7. Change your mailing address with the post office to ensure your mail is forwarded to your new home.
  8. Sort and organize your belongings, determining which items you’ll be taking with you, donating, selling or discarding.
  9. Purchase packing supplies, including boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and markers.
  10. Begin packing well in advance of your move date, labeling boxes by room and contents.
  11. Arrange for storage if necessary and research storage facilities in DC or NYC area.
  12. Prepare your car for the move if you plan to drive, and have it serviced and inspected for the long-distance drive.
  13. Confirm your move date with the moving company and ensure all boxes and items are packed and ready to go.
  14. Make a checklist of all items that need to be moved and double-check that everything has been loaded onto the moving truck.
  15. Conduct a final walkthrough of your DC residence, ensuring all items have been removed and the property is clean and in good condition.

By following these 15 points, you’ll be well-prepared for your move from DC to NYC and can enjoy a smooth and stress-free relocation.