Having finally decided to move to New York, now you are faced with a bittersweet mix of sadness and excitement, which makes packing a bit difficult. However, the planning must happen, else your move would be a lot more difficult than necessary.

A long distance move to NYC is always tough if adequate preparations are not mad, that is, a to-do list and a comprehensive moving plan. A proper moving plan is made in stages and usually in weeks before the move. This is to ensure an effective and smooth moving process.  Moving your goods may be the easiest part of your move as there are other tasks to take care of before and after your belongings are transferred to your new house.

Below are a few things you need to address for your long distance move to NYC and how you can accomplish them:


  • Moving Budget


The first thing to do when planning a long distance move is to establish a moving budget. The moving process can be quite expensive, whether you are moving on your own or you are hiring a moving company. You need to organize your financial situation and set aside your moving expenses. To calculate your moving expenses, consider all possible costs that might appear, like costs of renting a truck/van, moving supplies, fuel costs, insurance etc.

  • Finding a Good Long Distance Mover

This is one of the first set of things to do when planning a long distance move to New York City because the move proves to be difficult, except you are moving only some blocks away. It is important that you hire a professional moving company to help you in every step of the way. Sometimes, moving on your own may seem like a cheaper solution, but not when it involves a long-distance move. With a professional moving company, the whole ordeal will be a lot smoother, and everything will be insured.


  • Getting Ready for the Move


Book a moving company before time, especially if you are moving during peak season. After solving the transportation issue, ensure you manage your belonging to make unpacking into your new home hassle free. Manage the inventory and label your moving boxes properly to be able to keep track of them when you move to your new home and start unpacking. It also makes it easier for your movers who are responsible for loading and unloading the truck. Therefore, inspect your new home and plan ahead of time where your belongings would be kept.

  • Pick the Best Route

It is important to pick the best route for your long distance travel to New York. Ensure there is no construction going on that may want to block your path, or roads that is not motorable for  moving trucks. If you plan on flying to your new house in New York, make sure you book your flight tickets some weeks in advance and have a transport service planned to take you to your house from the airport.


  • Keeping Positive

Most importantly, you need to keep a positive attitude. After all the detailed planning and preparations, there is not much left to do but to be optimistic that everything will go smoothly. Your positivity will rub off on others around which will ensure your long distance journey is fun filled and less stressful.